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What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing for Law Firms?

About 69% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers and potential customers. If you are a law firm and thinking about email marketing, this is something you should start using. Just as small businesses do, email marketing for law firms is one way to reach potential clients as well as past clients to remind them to use you if they need a lawyer.

Utilizing email marketing is beneficial because it is such a powerful tool that we have as part of our marketing strategies in today's world.

With the rise of digital communication, email marketing has become an essential part of a law firm’s marketing strategy. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of email marketing for law firms and how it can help you achieve your business goals!

Increase Reach and Engagement for Your Law Firm

Email marketing allows law firms to reach a much wider audience than they otherwise would. This means that if you are trying to expand your reach to get more clients, email marketing is going to be a great option for your law firm!

You can easily reach a wide audience with just a few clicks. By sending out regular newsletters and updates, law firms are able to keep their clients informed about services, upcoming events, and industry news.

So what does that mean for you as a law firm?

If you are offering new services, the first thing you want to do is send an email to current clients to let them know about the new service. This increases the odds that they will use you again for this specific service.

If you have an event coming up, you may want to increase the engagement as you prepare for the event. This also increases the likelihood of a better turnout to the event.

How It Works

By using email marketing, this helps to build trust and engagement with clients. This is because they feel that they are being kept in the loop and are part of the firm’s community. Making others feel that they are a part of you is what can increase that trust and engagement in the firm.

Additionally, email marketing allows law firms to segment their audience and send targeted messages to specific groups of clients, ensuring that the content is relevant and engaging.

That means that if some clients used one service and you come up with a similar one, you may only want to send those particular clients information about your new service. You can segment the list and send it only to some of your clients, not all. This keeps the engagement strong as well.

Cost-effective Marketing

Compared to traditional forms of advertising such as print, television, and radio, email marketing is a cost-effective way for law firms to market their services.

But why?

There are no printing or postage costs, there will be no excess in printed materials, and you only have to pay for one type of email marketing service rather than for every single email that you send.

This is what makes email marketing so much more affordable as an option for firms of all sizes. This is especially true for smaller firms as well.

Additionally, email marketing tools offer affordable plans that allow law firms to send out regular newsletters and updates without breaking the bank.

Most email marketing services also offer a variety of different types of services. That means that if you feel that you need to have a specific number of emails to send each month, you can budget for that. As a smaller firm, it may be best to pick a smaller service and then upgrade as you grow.

Increase Brand Awareness with Email Marketing

Email marketing is also an effective way for law firms to build their brand and increase their visibility.

By consistently sending out newsletters and updates, you are able to create a strong brand identity and establish yourself as experts in the field. The more people get to know your law firm specifically, the more likely they are going to recognize your brand if they see it elsewhere. This increases the likelihood that your firm grows and gains more clients.

Most people are going to choose a law firm that they perceive to be knowledgeable and experienced rather than a random law firm that they find with a quick Google search. That means that sending these emails is a great way to get leads that you may not have otherwise had.

Improve Client Communication with the Firm

Email marketing is an effective way for your law firm to communicate with clients on a regular basis. This can be helpful in saving time. This is because you can send out mass emails but you cannot send out mass calls.

Instead of spending time making individual calls, you can send a mass email and spend the leftover time that you have back doing other tasks that are going to help grow your law firm.

Additionally, you now have an easy way to tell clients to contact you. Your clients can send a quick email with a question, and you can let them know that you will get back to them within 24 hours with an answer.

This can improve communication and the trust that clients have with your law firm.

Increased Referrals to Your Firm

Odds are you want more clients at your law firm. That's because if you get more clients, this means that you are growing. If you are growing, you are going to be making more money.

Typically, that is the end goal.

That's where email marketing can come in handy.

Email marketing can help your law firm to increase referrals from existing clients.

But how does this work?

By sending out newsletters and updates, law firms can keep clients informed about their services and industry news. This can encourage clients to refer their friends and colleagues to the firm, as they feel that the firm is knowledgeable and experienced. Not only that, but you can also encourage your clients to make referrals.

To do this, you can incentive them. Here are a few examples of how to do this:

  • Offer a discount for current clients if they offer a referral
  • Incentivize clients by giving them access to exclusive events
  • Give a referral bonus of a certain dollar amount

Law firms can use email marketing to ask for referrals and offer incentives for clients who refer new clients and business to the firm!

Easy to Track as a Metric for Marketing

As a law firm, it is important that you prioritize marketing for your firm. Although you are not a typical business, you are still a business! You want to make sure that you are bringing in clients in order to make a profit.

Luckily, with email marketing, you are able to easily track metrics.

This may allow you to analyze your results and make better and more informed decisions about your marketing strategy moving forward.

By tracking your analytics and metrics, you will see what is working for your email marketing campaigns and what is not working. This can help you keep doing the same thing moving forward or make the changes that you think will be beneficial.

How to Start Email Marketing

So now that you know all of the benefits of email marketing, you may be wondering how you even get started! What are the steps to take and is it difficult to get started?

The simple answer is no! You can easily get started today, and it's even easier to get started if you use email marketing services to help you.

So here are the steps to get started.

Build an Email List

Before you can start email marketing, you need to have an email list. This email list should also be targeted.

To do this, collect email addresses from your website, social media pages, and events. Make sure that you have permission to send emails to the individuals on your list, and segment them into relevant groups for more targeted messages. This will get the ball rolling with your email marketing.

Create the Right Content

When you send emails, you don't want to just be sending anything. This isn't going to get you the results that you are looking for.

Instead, you want to create high-quality content that is engaging, informative, and relevant to your audience. This could include updates on the firm's services, industry news, and upcoming events.

Make sure that every email that you send has some value, otherwise, people are going to unsubscribe, which is the last thing you want to happen!

Personalize the Emails

When you start sending emails, you should always personalize the emails so that your customers and clients feel that they are important.

Address your recipients by name, and segment your email lists to send personalized messages based on their interests, location, and other factors.

This will increase the engagement that you see on your email list.

Always Include a Call to Action

If you have an email without a call to action, no one is actually going to do what you want them to do. You have to tell them what you want them to do.

When you include a call to action, there are many different things that you can tell them to do.

You may want to tell them to sign up for a newsletter, schedule a consultation, or download a resource. These calls to action can encourage recipients to take action and engage with your firm rather than exiting out of the email with no action!

Optimize for Mobile

It is extremely important that you optimize for mobile when it comes to your email marketing services. This is because 63% of people use their phones to access important marketing tools rather than their computers.

If you don't optimize for mobile, the emails may not show up correctly or may not be responsive. This is going to cost you potential clients.

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze

Once you start sending out emails and utilizing email marketing for your law firm, you should always analyze how they are doing. This is what is going to help you determine what's working and what isn't working.

You should look at the results of the open rates, click-through rates, and conversions of the emails. You should test different subject lines, calls to action, and content to see what works for your targeted audience. You can even try out A/B testing to see what works best for your clients and potential clients for the firm.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Law Firm

There are so many benefits of email marketing for your law firm. If you are not yet using email marketing for your law firm, it is time to get started!


Because there are so many things to help your law firm go to the next level! Email marketing is an easy-to-track marketing tool, can expand your reach and raise brand awareness for the firm, improve client communication, and is cost-effective.

If you aren't sure where to start, you can use Venn Digital Marketing to help you get started.

All you have to do is click here to fill out a form to let us know what you want help with in terms of your marketing! We can't wait to get started to help you grow your firm to new heights!

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