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A Day in the Life: Juggling Family Law and My Misadventures in Marketing

As the city awakens to a fresh morning, my alarm sounds its familiar tune, beckoning me to start another day full of promise and challenges. I’m Ella, a dedicated family law lawyer, armed with a law degree, a penchant for justice, and an ever-present need for caffeine. Each day begins with a semblance of a routine—a quick stretch, a scan of emails, and my trusted coffee in hand.
By 9:00 AM, the phone rings incessantly. My receptionist, Maya, with her ever-present ear-to-ear smile, juggles phone calls, incoming mail, and the myriad administrative tasks that pop up. Apart from greeting clients and managing appointments, she dabbles in the basics of office management, making her invaluable to our tiny but mighty team.

Mid-morning is when my paralegal, Alex, and I delve into the depths of family law—untangling legal complexities, prepping for court, and ensuring we provide the best for our clients. Alex, with his eagle-eyed attention to detail, is the anchor in our chaotic world, diligently ensuring every 'i' is dotted and 't' crossed.

As noon approaches, I multitask with a vengeance—a bite of my salad in tandem with jotting down notes, or sometimes, answering client queries. Occasionally, during these fleeting breaks, I find myself navigating the web, coming across terms like "content marketing," "SEO," and "PPC." The promise of digital marketing often lures me in, but with the avalanche of daily tasks, it feels more like a puzzle I'm yet to solve.

Now, here's a little story. Some months ago, in a burst of inspiration, I decided to embark on a marketing mission for our firm. The goal was simple (or so I thought): reconnect with former clients and increase our digital presence. I started with what I assumed was low-hanging fruit – email marketing.

We compiled a list of all our former clients, aiming to send them bi-weekly updates, newsletters, and helpful resources. Maya took the reins, drafting our first email with enthusiasm. The initial responses were encouraging. Clients appreciated the gesture, a few even sought further consultations.

However, reality struck hard and fast. On the day Maya was drafting our third email, back-to-back client meetings, a sudden court summons, and the day-to-day whirlwind meant the email was shelved. Days turned into weeks, and that single unfinished draft became emblematic of our marketing aspirations—started with fervor but left incomplete amidst the daily grind. Is this what a CRM does, sending emails to my clients without me or my staff thinking about it each time an email goes out? I’m not at a revenue level where I could hire any more staff right now, so If there’s something that can take place of head-count, I’m in.

The sun starts its descent by late afternoon, and the tales of the day unfold. Maya often shares anecdotes of her attempts to push out that next email, while Alex recounts stories from his research adventures. We often talk about how other firms are making waves online and muse on what it would be like if we could do the same. But the path from here to there seems foggy, paved with legal cases and dotted with the hurdles of time constraints.

By evening, as I prepare to leave the office, the weight of the day juxtaposes against the realization of opportunities slipping through the cracks. While I might be adept at navigating the intricacies of family law, the world of digital marketing remains an enigma—full of potential but equally daunting. But hope, as they say, springs eternal. Before shutting my computer down, I found an article titled ‘Let a CRM System let you market your small or solo law firm like a $10 million dollar firm’. I think I’m going to read it tomorrow, see if I get any good advice. Good night for now.

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