The Power of Email Marketing Services for Lawyers, Revealed

You have probably heard that digital marketing is important if you want to increase engagement with your law firm. But you may be wondering which form of digital marketing is most effective.

Did you know that the average professional checks their email 15 times a day? Email marketing services for lawyers are one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience.

But how does email marketing work, and why is it so beneficial to your business?

In this guide, we'll talk about the importance of email marketing. You will find out why you should be using this form of digital marketing, and the many ways it will improve your business operations.

The Importance of Email Marketing for Lawyers

You may be wondering what writing an effective email has to do with legal advice. Using email marketing offers several benefits to law firms.

Email marketing helps you engage with your existing clients in a unique and personalized manner. It also helps you organize leads and drive traffic to your website and services.

By sharing legal resources with your mailing list, you will establish yourself as an expert, and increase trust in your firm. You will also ensure that your legal firm is staying top of mind with its clients.

Email marketing reaches clients faster and more directly than other forms of digital marketing. While it may take a while for other digital media campaigns to reach your audience, email campaigns reach the majority of your audience almost immediately.

Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers

There is a variety of ways to use email marketing to reach your audience. Law firms can use their mailing list to create various email formats including:

  • Newsletters
  • Drip Emails (Guides or E-books with Legal Resources)
  • The Creation of Webinars

When you create drip emails, your law firm can include cheat sheets. For example, you may include a cheat sheet to help clients draw up common contracts or estate planning.

Law firms benefit most from using email marketing to create regular newsletters. The primary goal of newsletters is to ensure their firm stays top of mind with its audience.

Newsletters are a great way of updating clients about your services, or updates about your office. For law firms, this might mean including attorney profiles, updates on office hours, changes to local laws, case studies, listicles its video content.

Creating a Digital Strategy for Email Marketing

Once your office has found the best email marketing service for you, you will be able to create a marketing strategy for your email campaigns.

First, determine who your audience is. What problems do your clients need help solving? What kind of services or legal advice are they looking for?

Then, determine the goals of your email campaigns. Consider relevant content to include that will help you achieve these goals with your audience.

Once you have your email campaigns up and running, look for insights to see how the emails are resonating. Pay attention to open rates, click-through rates, and how many people unsubscribe. This will help you alter your future campaigns for more success.

Design Elements

All email marketing campaigns should pay close attention to design. Clients sort through full inboxes every day. Your email must stand out.

Emails should be eye-catching and easy to read. When creating an email campaign, focus on the following elements:

  • Your logo
  • High-Quality Images
  • Layout
  • Video (If Included)
  • Your Color Palette
  • Fonts

Businesses should apply design elements from their branding guide. Email marketing should be consistent with other marketing for your law firm.

Choose an email marketing service that allows you to create a gallery of professional email templates. By using templates, you will be able to edit the design of past emails for emails you create in the future.


The content you create needs to be professional and it should align with topics your audience is interested in. Focus on your clients' common pain points, and how you can solve their problems.

The content of emails should always be created using accessible language. Avoid using legal jargon and instead, write in a voice that is easy to understand.

It also helps to sign up for competitors' email lists. This will allow you to see the topics other law firms are covering, and find out what matters to their audience. It can be a great source of inspiration for how you structure your emails.


Once you've created a beautiful email template with engaging content for your email list, it's time to focus on sending it out.

Work to determine the best day and time to reach your audience. Do they check their emails most on Monday mornings? Or is there higher engagement on Friday afternoons?

Then, save time by using the automation feature. Automation features in email marketing services allow firms to send content out at specific times.

Automation also allows you to create a personalized experience. You can schedule welcome emails when someone signs up for your mailing list, send out birthday wishes, and schedule follow-ups after a consult.


Growing your email list should be a primary marketing focus. If you grow your email audience, you will increase your leads.

If you're already sharing content on social media, encourage your new audience to sign up for your mailing list through social media platforms.

Law firms will also benefit from teaming up with other businesses and services in the area. Build partnerships with businesses that are non-competitors. Take turns creating guest posts on each other's blogs and websites.

By sharing a guest post, you will increase the likelihood of gaining new signups for your mailing list, and reaching a new audience.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Services for Lawyers

So what are the benefits of using email marketing for law firms? There is a lengthy list.

Email marketing allows law firms an opportunity to use personalized communication, customize their audience, boost their search engine optimization (SEO), increase brand awareness save money, and improve sales.

Here are the benefits of using email marketing services for lawyers.

Reach an Engaged Audience

One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that it reaches an engaged audience.

Email is more direct than most other marketing techniques. Clients need to opt-in to email marketing initiatives, so they are far more likely to be receptive to the marketing materials you share.

Everyone has email, and most clients are checking their emails regularly. As a recognizable brand, your emails are far more likely to be received and read.

But if you're not sure your emails are being received, you can track insights to find out. Insights allow you to determine the peak engagement times, so you can send emails out at a more optimal time in the future.

Personalized Communication

Law firms can use email marketing to create customized communication for their audience.

Email marketing services allow businesses to create personal messages targeting their audience. Law firms will enjoy creating segmented email lists. Segmented email lists allow users to break their master email list up into smaller groups of clients with shared needs or interests.

Clients will receive an enhanced customer experience by receiving content specifically targeting their individual needs. Law firms can create customized audience lists to assist clients with their individual goals.

If clients have specific legal needs, those needs can be targeted with relevant information and services. Clients will begin to see your emails as something that offers them value, rather than another piece of unwanted spam.

Generate Web Traffic

Email marketing also allows law firms to share resources and content from their website. This content can be shared through links or specific call-to-action buttons, which can help increase business leads.

By increasing web traffic, law firms will improve SEO. This will increase the likelihood of new clients and leads stumbling on your law firm's website.

Law firms that regularly share content and legal resources will also establish themselves as trusted experts in their field. Providing resources and advice also provides existing clients with additional value.

By tracking web engagement, law firms will be able to see how well their emails are performing. They will be able to see if the audience engages with the brand.

Sharing web content in your email directs leads to your website faster than other forms of digital marketing. It increases the chance of business conversions and helps grow your business.

Grow Your Business

When someone opts into your email list, they are likely already interested in your services. Email marketing allows law firms to connect with their potential leads to share information about their services.

Law firms are also able to capture their leads earlier. By offering free consults, firms can collect new emails and generate leads. Free consults give law firms a competitive edge by offering additional value to potential clients.

By fulfilling marketing goals through email marketing campaigns, law firms can connect with leads faster and grow their business.

Increase Branding

Email marketing is also a great tool for increasing brand awareness. For starters, regular communication with clients will ensure they are thinking of you.

But email campaigns also establish law firms as experts. Clients may not always understand legal language. Emails provide a space to use more accessible language to explain legal services.

When creating legal content, law firms should think about common legal issues clients are facing. If you aren't sure what your clients are interested in, ask your mailing list for topic ideas.

Then, research the web and industry trends to assist you in creating expert content.

By establishing yourself as an expert, you can help generate trust in your law firm. Professional content on industry trends builds credibility with your audience.

Reward Client Loyalty

Law firms also use email marketing to reward loyal clients.

Email makes it easier to stay in touch with your existing clients regularly. But it's also a great way to share information about new services.

Share inside information or promotions with your mailing list. Share exclusive legal resources, webinar opportunities, or limited-time offers.

Using email is a great way to reward your audience and make them feel valued.

Attract New Employees

Email lists are a great way to attract new clients. But your email marketing may also attract new talent to your firm.

The best email marketing for law firms will gain traction with other legal experts. If your firm is consistently producing thought-provoking content, you will attract other lawyers and law students.

Your mailing list is a great recruiting tool. By sending out emails, you are likely building a connection with someone who could make a great addition to your team.


Not only is email marketing one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It is also one of the most affordable.

While other digital marketing campaigns require large budgets, email marketing is reasonable.

The Best Email Marketing Service for Lawyers

The best part about email marketing services is that they allow law firms to integrate their website, communicate with clients, automate content, increase brand awareness, and track insights all from one platform.

Email marketing services like HubSpot are easy to use. They are affordable, convenient, and effective.

Use Email Marketing to Increase Engagement for Your Law Firm

You might be wondering how to get started with digital marketing for your law firm. But email marketing is one of the most direct ways of reaching your audience. And it's not as complicated as you might think.

Email marketing services for lawyers are easy to use. It's fast, direct, and affordable. Using email marketing services will help you communicate with existing clients, grow your leads and conversion rate, and increase brand awareness.

If you're interested in setting up email marketing for your law firm, our team can help. Connect with us today to find out more about HubSpot, and let's get started.

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